These videos show the success I have had with my own dog and with clients dogs. More videos will be posted that demonstrate good dog training practices.

Please fill out the form on the contact page when you are ready to move forward with your training.

Nanuq does 3 quick tricks

Here is Nanuq with, Crawl, Bow and Sneeze on Command. Also no treat required.

Puppy Training Session

Turn annotations on for this video. Here is a puppy training session by me from long ago. Wilton is about 3 months old Golden Retriever.

More Dog Tricks - Close Eyes on Command

Here are some more treat free tricks by Nanuq. The humane society called him a Husky White Lab mix.

Nanuq Chair Trick and Treat Rejection

Nanuq does not do tricks for food, he does it for fun and hugs.

Emmy's Tricks

Here are some of the tricks I taught Emmy

Sage's Tricks

Here are some of the tricks I taught Sage

Morning Kisses

Part of the morning routine.