Give your dog the day he deserves!

Your dog will learn, get exercise and socialize.

Dog Training

Start your dog's Training program now!

A dog is never too old or too young to learn new tricks..

Dog Training

Who doesn't enjoy a few hours at the dog park?

Every dog needs to burn off some steam


You can be a Dog Talker Too!

Let Glen teach you how to teach your dog... it is very rewarding for you both.


Every dog deserves a happy and fulfilled life!

If you can't make it home on time, we are there for you and your dog.

House Sitting

No Whispering, just plain talk!

My goal is to provide affordable Dog Training and Walking so that everyone may enjoy their dog

"When looking to adopt a new dog, the most important thing to consider is always the energy of the dog and how the dog will fit in with your lifestyle and your family." Cesar Millan

Please ensure you have read through my entire website as it will answer many of your questions and make you more informed for our first phone call. If you do not have time to read my website I will not have time to help you.

A well behaved dog does not happen by accident ... it takes understanding, patience, guidance and love. Let me teach you and your pet how to enjoy each other more than you ever thought possible.

For your puppy's peace of mind please bring them in for training as soon as possible, do not wait until they are a year or older and have developed bad habits that will need to be corrected. Even one puppy lesson from me will give you the guidance to prevent many common behavioural problems from developing, and teach you how to establish a lifelong trusting bond with your newest family member. Please have your dog spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

All walks are on my Private treed fenced in 70 acre lot.

Please fill out the form on the contact page when you are ready to move forward with your training. If you do not have time to fill out the form I will not have time to help you.

Dog Training

Puppy to Advanced training available. Remove unwanted behaviour

Adventure Walks

Group walks with training included. Benefits for your dog and you!

Dog Sitting

For regular clients only. No Kennels. Full day, overnight and weekly stays available.

A few videos featuring Nanuq of the North and the Dog Talker

Nanuq is a very special dog, but so are all dogs. Every dog has the potential to be as well trained as Nanuq ... I can teach you to teach your dog.

Three quick tricks

Wheel Barrow Ride

Roof ramp

What people are saying about the dog talker.

The Cesar Millan of the North. Excellent teacher and trainer to both you and your dog. You can tell right away that he's not there just because you're paying him but because he genuinely cares and wants to help your dog. For me and Arnold, it was a nightmare trying to keep him from being so unruly and disobedient at times. I adopted Arnold from the Humane Society and he was just under 2 years old when I met Glen. Glen taught me a lot, from correcting techniques to pack leader mentality and it has helped tremendously with Arnold's behavioral issues. Although Arnold still has a bit of a ways to go, you can visibly see the progression he's making thanks to Glen. Incredible bang for your buck lesson that you're unlikely to get anywhere else. He is quite literally a Cesar Millan right here in Ottawa. Just a piece of advice: the most important thing when you get a lesson from Glen is that you're also there to learn. You're a pupil as well, not somebody who's just taking their dog to the shop for a quick fix-up. Thomas and Arnold

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